What is ESDEN ?

ESDEN (Environment and Sustainable Development European Network) is a non-profit organization founded in 2012. This "think tank" is registered in Belgium and its offices are situated in Brussels, close to the european institutions.
The organization is able to provide technical assistance, university-level formations, scientific research as well as communication services (publications, videos).
Called "network", ESDEN is meant to work hand-in-hand with several partners in order to attain mutual goals.

Our fields of action

The broader field being "environment" and "sustainable development", our present action is focused on water, as a source of life, power, transportation and human interactions.

Our actions

ESDEN promotes international scientific research in fields like recycling systems, protection of ecosystems, sanitary valuation and sediments valorization.
We also aim at sensitize and federate regional, national and international decision makers on problematics centered around water management : sustainable management of water quality, harbors and coastal areas of seas, lakes and rivers.
To achieve this, we are working of developing means of communication, starting with the organization of national and international conferences and seminars creating a fertile ground for the exchange of information. (Keep monitoring our events page to stay informed about these actions.)


Saving the planet is a top priority, but saving humanity on this planet must go hand in hand with it. Therefore, we put the emphasis on ethics, be it in work, private life, culture,... in the whole world. This is why we collaborate with charity organizations like Religions for Peace and PalmedEurope (see Network page). Our dream is that of a clean world inhabited by pure hearts.


President Founder

Prof. Abolfazl Beheshti
Professor of International Relations and Energy Economy.
Member of "Think Tank" of European Institutions in Brussels.

Article in "Le Nouvel Afrique"
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EXAMPLE of our action.
November 2012, we organized a conference on the problematic of heavy metals and the sanitary risks associated.